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All About Atoll Achensee

Our new building is a leisure center with a lot of adventurous areas and highlights such as a Panorama-BAD, a Penthouse-SPA, a BOULDER-Halle, a Lakeside-GYM, a SEE-Bad with playground for kids and much more.
No, we are only a leisure center. You can’t rent a room, but you can be here for the whole day in our wonderful center!
For our guests we offer the following discounts: If you are here for vacation, you will get a Card called AchenseeCard. You will get 10% discount per entry in our center. Children and students up to 20 years will also get a discount.
Sure if you would like to borrow a towel or a bathrobe we have it and can give it to you. The price for a towel is € 4 and a bathrobe is € 7. Please bring it back to us before you leave the center!
Yes – we do offer vouchers, but you have to pay € 20 or more.
At the cash desk you can buy water wings, a swimming belt, a diving mask, swimming diapers in various sizes, shampoo and shower gel and essential oils.
No, we don’t have a cash machine/ATM, but not so far there is one, maybe 5 min by car away.
Yes – we accept ATM card and credit cards (Visa and MasterCard)


No unfortunately not, but we have a great card that you can book money on and with it you will get every entry discount.
Our bath is daily open from 10 morning till 10 evening.
Our 25 meter-sport pool and the slide have 28 °C. The family and non-swimmers pool has 32°C. The childrens water playground has 33 °C. In our Penthouse-SPA there are a Infinity pool with 32°C and a plunge pool with 16°C
Our 25 meter-sport pool has a depth of 1,30m – 1,80m. The family and non-swimmers pool has a depth of 1,30m. In our Penthouse-SPA the Infinity pool has a depth of 1,30m.
Food and drinks are not allowed to take with you for eating or drinking. When you would like to eat or drink something, we have an amazing restaurant in our Panorama-BAD where you can order our delicious food and drinks For you children you can take a bottle with you!
You must be 7 years or older.
Yes – because the slide is a tube slide and therefore you need to use the tubes to slide on it.


No unfortunately we don’t have a season pass for the Penthouse-SPA, but as an opportunity we have a bonus card for you.
Yes, the complete Penthouse-SPA area is a textile-free zone.
In the age of 16 years the youth can go with an adult.
We have three different sauna: The Finish sauna, the Bio- and zirb sauna and the herb sauna. We also have a steam sauna/bath and a big cabin with infrarot chairs.
The Finish sauna has a temperature of 85 °C – 90 °C and a humidity of 15%. The Bio-zirbsauna has a temperature of 65 °C and a humidity of 45%. The herb sauna has a temperature of 70 °C and a humidity of 25%. The steam sauna/bath has a temperature of 45 °C and a humidity of 95%.


You get a membership at the Lakeside-GYM starting from € 54,- per month.
You can buy a 3 hours ticket (including our Panorama-BAD) for € 20,00 per Person.


Children from 6 years can use it with an adult.
Yes – you can borrow the climbing shoes for € 3,50 per pair
Yes – you can have a season pass for € 290, - per adult.
You can use the liquid chalk. If you have forgotten your liquid chalk you can buy it at our cash desk.


Our SEE-Bad is open daily from May to September from 09:00 am to 07:00 pm. From October to April you can visit our SEE-Bad for free.
Because you get a great and trim lawn area, toilets, big lockers where you can deposit your valuable objects. We offer a great playground FAMILY Eldorado, two new foot bridges, one kiosk and one ice kiosk. The SEE-Bad is daily open from 9-19 o’clock and there is also a lifeguard in the summer season.
No sorry – Dogs cannot access.
Yes, we have a lot of toilets there.
Yes, they are directly in the SEE-Bad.
The SEE-Bad close at 19:00 o’ clock.

Kunsteislaufplatz (ice-skating)

The ice-skating area will be open only in the winter season.

FAMILY Eldorado

Our FAMILY Eldorado offers following attractions: Adventure play ship “St Benedikt” , play tower, suspension bridge, bird’s nest tree, swing set, low rope course, climbing wall, grappling hook, seesaw, flying fox, climbing net, open and tube slides, sun decks, XXL sandpit with awning and a Children’s beach.
The FAMILY Eldorado is in the entry of the SEE-Bad included (€ 6, - per adult, € 5, - per adolescent and € 3,- per child)


In our SPORTS-Area we have two beach volleyball courts, a lot of slacklines, one motoric garden and much more.
The SPORTS-Area is in the entry of the SEE-Bad included (€ 6,- per adult, € 5,- per adolescent and € 3,- per child)